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A Work In Slow Descent

Installed at the Center For Land Use Interpretation, Wendover Utah. May 22 - September 1, 2010
Materials: 60lbs of sugar. 32 oz of corn syrup, 6 oz of Cream of Tartar.

While in residence at the Center for Land Use Interpretation in May 2010, I created this installation as a reaction to the exhibition hall and its orientation in the landscape. Since the length of the building runs exactly East to West, no direct sunlight ever enters this room. The only exception occurred between 8:21 and 8:36 PM, when the setting sun reflected off of the windows of the Enola Gay hanger and projected a spectrum of red and yellow light onto the east wall of the gallery. This installation involved covering the outside of the sixty-four gallery windows in different color caramel, creating a sunset-like glow inside the room which itself is slowly changing as the caramel responds to the weather. Over the course of the summer, hot temperatures and moisture in the atmosphere will soften the sugars, transforming the glassy material back into syrup that will drip down the windows and the back of the building.