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11:07 minute HD video, 2014

Hydrologies represents two interventionist projects set in opposite hemispheres in which the reciprocal acts of adding and removing water from the landscape become catalysts for generative works. Hydrologies Atacama involved irrigating linear sections of the Atacama desert in Chile with the hopes of activating the dormant seeds and creating a line of flowers across the landscape. In Hydrologies Archaea, I performed an inversion of this action by removing gallons of super saline water from the Great Salt Lake near Spiral Jetty and installing it in an array of glassware at UMOCA two months prior to the opening of the exhibition. As the water evaporates, the salt crystals move over the edge of the glasses and down the sides, enveloping the vessels in a thick layer of salt that continues to spread out onto all the adjacent surfaces. Like the calcified remains of pottery found in caves after thousands of years, the glass installation appears to have undergone a similar geologic process in a fraction of the time. With both of these projects my intention was to engage the material agency of an ecological system and its geologic and cultural history. >> complete statement